Ex-offenders and ex-gang members restoring our community and rebuilding our neighborhood one life at a time.

BTB 42

From Ex-Offenders and Ex-Gang Members to Street-Mentors and Community Leaders

Brother-to-brother is a community-based outreach program designed to restore lives and rebuild the neighborhood. NWF is a Co-founder, Project Coordinator, and Fiscal Agent. Brother to Brother was Co-founded in collaboration with Rebranding You Inc. 

Powered by ex-offenders and ex-gang members and community leaders, this group actively engages in reaching high risk and gang-affiliated African-American men and youth in hopes of changing the trajectory of their lives through coaching and mentorship.

Program Features

  • Recruitment & Mentorship: Hard-Core, gang-affiliated African-American Male Adults & Youth
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) & Adult Trauma
  • Release the Brakes: Youth Engagement for Reentry Success
  • Educational/Skill Development Pathways
  • Restorative Community Service/Civic Engagement
  • Cultural and Non-Traditional Healing Methods
  • Youth & Adult Activities
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