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A Guide to Toxic Stress

Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child created a Guide to Toxic Stress that covers the following topics:

1. Toxic Stress 101

2. The Science and Social Causes of Toxic Stress

3. Preventing and Addressing Toxic Stress

Want to learn more about Toxic Stress?

This 2-minute video explains how toxic stress can weaken the architecture of the developing brain, with long-term consequences for learning, behavior, and both physical and mental health.

How does the Persistent Absence of Responsive Care Disrupt the Developing Brain?

This 6-minute video provides an overview of The Science of Neglect: The Persistent Absence of Responsive Care Disrupts the Developing Brain, a Working Paper from the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child

Want to learn more about Resilience?

Toxic stress is a very serious issue, but it is not the end of the story. No matter who you are, there are concrete actions you can take to help prevent toxic stress and support those who have experienced it.

What Can We Do About It?

For those who’ve experienced toxic stress, just getting through the day can feel tough, let alone being the best parents or caregivers you can be. In this video, learn more about what toxic stress can feel like, and practical steps you can take to feel better and build resilience for yourself and your children.

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