Innovator's Academy

 Addressing childhood trauma and low academic achievement


 Innovator’s Academy is a program that seeks to lower the barriers of adversity in areas where poverty exceeds 50% and addresses the insidious ways toxic stress undermines student learning. Innovators Academy is conceptually structured from the evidenced-based framework of “Turn Around for Children” and will raise educational engagement, academic performance and diploma attainment by improving grade-point-average(GPA) and reducing truancy, high-risk behavior, suspensions, and expulsions for up to 60 of the highest need students at Grant Union High School. Neighborhood Wellness Foundation’s, “boots on the ground”, community grassroots effort has proven to be effective in reaching the hardest to reach youth as well as generating a space that is safe (emotionally, culturally, and physically) and influential for learning. This space is created through trust, shared life experiences that provide an even deeper understanding of the adverse childhood experiences and trauma they face.


Program Features

  • Social Emotional Support
  • Mentorship for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)
  • Academic Engagement
  • Educational/Skill Development Pathways
  • Cultural Appropriate Healing Methods
  • Outdoor Educational Trip
  • Mindfulness Training


Program Partners

The four program partners that have come together to tackle literacy and STEM education through a holistic approach are:

  • Neighborhood Wellness Foundation
    • Disrupting intergenerational poverty and trauma by directing resources and building partnerships to address root causes of the social determinants impacting the overall health of the 95838 community and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Social Venture Partners
    • Ensuring all students in the Greater Sacramento Region are on a clear pathway to economic security by investing and engaging with nonprofits.
  • 916Ink
    • Empowering students in the Sacramento region with creative writing thereby developing strong readers and inspired writers who lead a high quality of life due to increased literacy skills and improved academics.
  • Square Root Academy 
    • Educating underrepresented youth on the fundamentals of S.T.E.M while emphasizing collaborative learning, innovation, and academic excellence.


Intended Outcomes

  • Improving GPAs

  • Increased ELA/STEM Scores

  • Decreasing Truancy

  • Decreasing Suspensions and Expulsions

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