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A Neighborhood Wellness Foundation Signature Program


It’s Not What’s Wrong with Me

It’s What Happened to Me

A Neighborhood Wellness Foundation Signature Program


Personal Encounters
About This Program

Conversations Are Critical

We are founded on shared life experiences, community connectedness and a deep desire to help build healthy neighborhoods for our residents. One of the three evidence-based avenues to palliate or even reverse the damage from trauma is , “topdown, by talking (re-)connecting with others and allowing ourselves to know and understand what is going on with us, while processing the memories of the trauma”…Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Healthy Women Grow Healthier Communities

There’s magic in our energy, our spaces, our people and our discoveries.

For Young Adults

In collaboration with Grant High School, Sister to Sister Healing and Empowerment is designed to help young ladies lower the barriers of adversity that impede academic engagement, performance and socialization. We guide them to self-efficacy with a roadmap towards healing, readiness for education, skill development and life success.


“Sister to Sister is  a TRUE SISTERHOOD, a family, it’s taught me how to open up and receive love and too give back. It’s a positive alternative for people who believe that there is no way out, that nothing good or positive happens to them, that they don’t deserve anything, that they don’t deserve love…Sister to Sister reminds you that you are worth living…worth loving…you are worth just worth the love that the positive energy that people bring to Sister to Sister.”

LaDeija Luckey, Sister to Sister Youth, 2017 to the Present

For Adult Women

We connect weekly with our neighborhood women to effectively educate and empower them with knowledge to become resourceful. Resourcefulness for our women, our mothers can result in self-efficacy which will help to transform their lives. Sister to Sister adult weekly meeting topics address the socioeconomic challenges identified in the most recent Community Health Needs Assessment Data. Our presentations and discussions encourage meaningful dialogue on social determinants of health that are relevant to our neighborhood families. Examples are financial literacy, housing, skill development, maximizing access and utilization of mental and physical healthcare, culturally engaging fitness and local nutrition. Critically important are our discussions and open dialog regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), adult trauma, economic stress and the hardship on our families. We converse about challenges of self-managing their health and their children’s health especially in areas of diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma with goals of identifying resolvable solutions for management.

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With the generous support of our donors, we continue to lead community-based initiatives and services that focus on online & offline connection with resources and opportunities.

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