Building Healthier Communities One Neighbor at a Time

Our mission is to disrupt intergenerational poverty and trauma.


We believe our communities deserve healthier living.

We will direct resources and build partnerships to address the root causes of the social determinants impacting the overall health of our 95838 community and surrounding neighborhoods. We will connect resources to address low educational attainment, low skill development, unemployment, and poor quality health care awareness and knowledge. Last and most defining, we will connect services to address adverse childhood experiences and trauma.

Addressing the root causes of our health and economic disparities.

Our initiatives are designed to emphasize healing and promote our ability to thrive thus creating a healthier community—socially, emotionally, physically, scholastically and economically.


Improve the lives of the residents by helping them understand and heal from Adverse Childhood Experienced (ACES) and Adult Trauma, including economic stress and family hardships.


Introduce adult and youth skill developing programs and create coalitions to endure educational pathways that are meaningful, sustainable and transformational.


Connect our residents to trustworthy, authentic partnerships that result in increased readiness and successful opportunities.


Inspire residents to take responsibility for their health and well being by assisting them in developing sustainable strategies that promote meaningful change.

NWF Respects and Values our Community Narrative: The Real-Life Stories

We Must Acknowledge Our Real-Life Stories to understand how they shape perspectives and direct pathways for effective solutions.

Promoting Change In Our Communities

With the generous support of our donors, Neighborhood Wellness Foundation leads community-based initiatives and services that focus on online & offline connection with resources and opportunities.


Provides consistent social-emotional support and mentorship with the goal of improved educational engagement, academic performance and diploma attainment for the highest need students.

This group is founded on shared life experiences, community connectedness and a deep desire to help build healthy neighborhoods for our girls.

A mobile application designed to give our neighborhood residents access to resources that will build and strengthen their well being and improve their daily quality of life.