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Uplifted by our own community we disrupt the cycle of intergenerational trauma by getting to the root causes.

Our programs and services address social, economic, academic, and health inequities to reduce barriers of adversity.

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Neighborhood Wellness Foundation

Navigating and Disrupting Intergenerational Trauma  in Del Paso Heights and Surrounding Communities

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Community Centered

We are community. From our staff to our leadership, we lead with awareness and understanding so that we can apply strategic ways to approach each unique situation. Dedicated to the community of Del Paso Heights, we model the behavior we want to see for our neighborhood and our neighbors.


Our services are expansive and constantly evolving to meet neighbors where they are. When people come to us with a need, we use all of our resources and connections to help.

Built on Trust

Neighborhood Wellness Foundation is a place where people can come as they are to heal. Just is our most valuable asset – when we establish a relationship built around trust, progress and growth can happen.


We are transparent with donations and all money goes directly to the community of Del Paso Heights and surrounding communities.


We care deeply for our community and believe that each on of us had the ability to thrive and find joy. We opener eyes to the fractured reality and fight for basic human rights that a were not given from the start.


We are generationally invested, lifting each other as we climb. We provide a community of consistency, support, and a safety net of shared experiences. Love is at our core.

Building Healthier Communities One Neighbor at a Time

Built on a foundation of trust and understanding, our team addresses chronic toxic stress, legacies of incarceration, poverty, violence drug addition, and low educational attainment to improve lives and build resilience. Our programs and services focus on addressing the root cause of our disparities and finding pathways to improve and grow.

Impact Programs

Promoting healthier neighborhoods—socially, emotionally, physically, scholastically and economically.

Healing Circles

Connecting With Community Through Sharing Life Experiences

We provide a safe space for our neighbors to understand how life experiences impact how brains grow in early childhood and how that affects the ability to envision choices. To appreciate how children and adults heal from childhood adversity, we need to understand how we live, how we cope with challenges and how stress affects us.

It’s Not What’s Wrong with Me

It’s What HAPPENED to Me

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PACERS Take Space

A Support System for Students and Youth

In 2022, we are launching a School-Based Health Center (SBHC) at Grant High School, to improve the overall mental and physical health of students and community. We are working collaboratively with the staff and faculty to help build a school campus, a community where all feel welcomed, supported, and encouraged to thrive.

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Reaching Higher “Heights”

Self-Paced High School Diploma Program for Adult Education

Low educational attainment and legacy of incarceration are interconnected and correlated to intergenerational trauma and poverty. We teamed up with Highlands Community Charter School and their independent study program, California Innovative Career Academy (CICA) and created an encouraging and inspiring space for adults 22 years and older to earn their high school diploma at an individual pace in a familiar, welcoming place.

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Restore Legacies

Learning to Heal and Restore the Legacies of Greatness for Individuals and Families 

Restore Legacy is grounded in community restoration and provides a unique opportunity to break the legacy of incarceration and poverty. The goal to disrupt intergenerational trauma and poverty by working with multiple family members for restorative justice, educational attainment, trauma healing, vocational and workforce skill development, civic engagement.

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Support The Movement

With the generous support of our donors, we continue to lead community-based initiatives and services that focus on online & offline connection with resources and opportunities.

Navigating and Disrupting intergenerational trauma in Del Paso Heights and Surrounding Communities.

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