About this program

Lowering the barriers of adversity for students

Launched in 2022 at Grant High School in Del Paso Heights

PACERS Take Space will positively impact student’s school attendance, academic engagement and performance, behavior, and opportunities for matriculation beyond high school. Our goal is t minimize learning loss by providing the support and items that would otherwise lead to students not coming to school. Comprehensive services will include primary care, mental and behavioral health, substance-abuse services, dental, reproductive health, professional development opportunities, and prevention-focused health education for the full student body (2000+ students). Our partnership brings authentic cultural connectedness and emphasizes anonymity for students to reduce hesitancy in seeking physical and mental health services.

A school base health clinic (SBHC) will be a “game changer” for the entire Grant Union High School community and would be like nothing currently offered in the community. The SBHC will address disparities and improve student attendance, school engagement, academic performance, and overall well-being. Our comprehensive web of services will lower the barriers that undermine achievement. Students will be able to address their health challenges, without access barriers related to health insurance, transportation or stigma. SBHC will also include a pantry filled with food, toiletries, feminine products and other essentials that will help ease financial burdens and reduce barriers that impact attendance.

Youth engagement will be a catalyst for normalizing mental and physical wellness and celebrating academic achievement and professional development.

In 2017/2018, UC Davis Medical Students of Transforming Education and Community Health (TEACH) conducted a student needs assessment report. 1400 of 2000 GUHS students responded. 60% reported a SBHC on-campus would improve the health of students. 53% of students reported a SBHC would improve the mental and emotional health of students.

Over 1 in every 3 students agreed or strongly agreed that a SBHC would improve student attendance. NWF and the SBHC staff will work collaboratively with Grant Union High School (GUHS) staff including administration, faculty, school nurse, psychologist, case workers and Private Security Officers (PSO). Our students are challenged with high truancy, high suspensions, drug use, gang culture and violence, sexual abuse, sex-trafficking, neglect, abandonment, and poverty.

Professional development sessions will provide the space for roundtable discussions and presentations with partner staff from GUHS, SBHC and NWF.

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We provide mentorship and social-emotional support to improve academic engagement for some of the highest need students identified by GHS faculty and administration.