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NWF goals are to help protect and serve our neighbors during this pandemic.

Our site is a neighborhood hub in Del Paso Heights and we assist the most vulnerable families who have high-risk health conditions reflective of those dying disproportionately across the country.  

With the incredible support from partners, we are able to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our neighborhood by purchasing and delivering essentials which allows neighbors “sheltered in place”. Thank you Brother to Brother, 916Ink, The Potter House, Grant HS, Holly Brown, Meagan Transue, Claire Carruth, Alex Sevilla, Just Serve, Hands on Sacramento, Raleys and Sacramento Region Disaster Relief Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation for your generous support. We are able to deliver masks, gloves, food, water and other essentials for over 100 families in Del Paso Heights and surrounding neighborhoods. We are really please that some of the donations have gone to support families of our Innovators Academy.

Surviving poverty and trauma in Del Paso Heights is commonplace for our students and families. Covid-19 has magnified the conditions and raised awareness to the 

health and socioeconomic inequities we face daily: poor health conditions, access to food, access to healthcare, efficient public transportation and healthy mental wellness tools to manage another crisis.  Home for many is not safe to “shelter in place”, access meals nor allow for distance learning without access points. Confined to small living areas increases the anxiety of our neighbors who are already surviving in toxic spaces especially our younger population who more readily respond unhealthily to stress.  Additionally, there is a large population of young adults in Del Paso Heights many of whom live with grandparents.  They must be made aware of the health risk they  impose upon their elderly loved ones if they do not comply with the CDC and state recommendations of social distancing and sheltering in place. They are a major part of the solution. 

NWF will remain connected to our neighbors to provide food and other essentials, mental health support, delivery of accurate information, and other resource needs.  Our partnerships and sponsorships allow us to increase our activation with our staff to continue encouraging thru mentorship and delivery of essentials so our neighbors safely Shelter in Place mentally and physically.

NWF Education & Resource Information

Shelter in Place (stay home) to immediately begin protection of you and your family through mitigation of the spread of COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hand washing, Wearing Masks,

How do I get a Mask: Make or Buy them from the many talented people in the neighborhood are making masks and many are selling them at an affordable price check Facebook or Instagram

Rent Information: provides information for tenant protection and delay of rental payment. Please Provide Notification to the landlord BEFORE Rent is due.

Distance Learning: March 16th, Twin Rivers Unified School District (TRUSD) closed the schools including Grant HS, the site of our youth Sister to Sister and Innovators Academy programs. Today, many students are still without chrome books/laptops for distance learning because online registration is required to order the hardware and they are without access points at home. Dictionaries books and other reference books are used in replacement but are dated and use is inefficient.

Mental Wellness Ideas: 1. Exercise-neighborhood walks/jogs/biking (social distancing), free exercise classes online/T.V., jump-rope, yoga, shadow boxing. Artistic Expression-singing, writing poetry, painting, coloring 3. Games– build obstacle course, board games, card games, puzzles, hopscotch, jacks, marbles. 4. Stay connected regularly with positive friends.