Our Leadership

It takes a village with people from the village

Our Interdisciplinary Team

Navigating Challenges Together

Our staff and volunteers are community navigators and mentors, all of whom are deeply rooted in Del Paso Heights with a connectedness and authenticity that is unmatched. We share lived experiences with our clients and understand the challenges that disrupt their ability to thrive. We leverage our experience to help them understand these challenges and build relevant and effective strategies that promote self efficacy.

Gina Warren, PharMD

CEO & Co-Founder

Marilyn Woods

CFO & Co-Founder

Jovanie Harris

Programs Director

Sherri Kirk

Office Manager

Laurel Aitken

Case Manager

Sonia Smith

Neighborhood Navigator

Sam Dinkins

Neighborhood Navigator

Octavia "Pinky" Booker

Neighborhood Navigator

Damond "Fade" Dorrough

Neighborhood Navigator

Cornelius Houston

Neighborhood Navigator

Bobby Brown

Neighborhood Navigator

Carinda Goodal

Neighborhood Navigator

Charles Goodman

Neighborhood Navigator

Chris Elliott

Neighborhood Navigator

Teverence "TK" Jarvis

Neighborhood Lifter

Les Jones

Neighborhood Navigator

Daijonna Dewitt


Our Board of Directors

Gina Warren

Jay King

Cameron Law

Dr. Beth McClure

Jacie Ragland

Nadine Reid

Marilyn Woods

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