About this program

Breaking the cycle and restoring our community

building a new future

This impact program is recognized by the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office as an alternative to incarceration. Adult participants attend education and training sessions twice weekly and Healing Circles once weekly. Youth participants are provided with ongoing mentorship. We create healthy learning spaces and engage them in educational field trips and outdoor activities to improve educational engagement that will result in diploma achievement, pathways to college, or sustainable vocational careers by lowering barriers of adversity that undermine learning. We are creating a new culture of mental health wellness, self-efficacy, and socio-emotional intelligence.

Our program includes support for unhoused neighbors.  We support these neighbors through food, clothing, Narcan, housing referral medical treatment and area clean up. Our goal is the reduce the incident of overdoes through harm reduction strategies including community awareness, connectedness, healing circles, reversing overdoses  and referrals to substance use disorder program. 

Unhoused Served – 29,742
1st to 3rd Qtr 2023/24
Food Distributed – Soup & Sandwiches – 6,344
Naloxone Overdose Treatments – 10,392


We have also provided “Concrete” Financal Support provided by the County of Sacramento  to help stabilize families. The majority of the funds  were allocated to housing support thus preventing neighbors  from losing shelter.

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Restore Legacies is a unique opportunity to break the legacy of incarceration working with multiple family members for restorative justice, educational attainment, trauma healing, vocational and workforce skill development, civic engagement with the goal to disrupt Intergenerational trauma and poverty with each client.