The Neighborhood Wellness Foundation is an organization committed to empowering the community of Del Paso Heights and surrounding areas. It offers a range of programs and services that address social, economic, academic, and health inequities to help reduce barriers of adversity. The organization prides itself on being community-centered, built on trust, empathetic, and focused on building healthier communities one neighbor at a time​1​.

The foundation offers several key programs, including Healing Circles, PACERS Take Space, Higher “Heights”, and Restore Legacies. Healing Circles provides a safe space for community members to understand how life experiences impact early childhood brain development and the ability to make life choices​1​. The PACERS Take Space program, launched in 2022, established a School-Based Health Center at Grant High School to improve the mental and physical health of students and the community​1​. The Higher “Heights” program addresses low educational attainment and the legacy of incarceration, aiming to improve educational attainment through college matriculation and vocational education​1​. Lastly, Restore Legacies works to break the legacy of incarceration and poverty, focusing on restorative justice, educational attainment, trauma healing, vocational and workforce skill development, and civic engagement​1​.

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